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Bill and Hunter

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker for more than 35 years, William (Bill) Schacht, MS, LCSW is the founder of the PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association. He is also the owner and Clinical Director of Performance Enhancement Health Services, SC, a Wisconsin State Mandated outpatient mental health practice in Franklin, WI.

Bill has been recognized for his work with thousands of individuals, couples, business owners, executives & managers, athletes, and entertainers helping them and their organizations achieve and sustain peak performance. His blend of expertise in human creativity, relationship building, effective communication, change process, problem-solving, and mind-body technology sets him apart from other professionals in getting good things to happen for his clients.

Bill takes a "functional" approach to teaching and counseling, keeping his students and clients focused on what they want rather than what they think is "wrong." He is exceptionally active in therapy, creating a "dig down deep" and "see the big picture" experience for clients. His tendency to be fun-loving and playful in style provides clients with a sense of emotional relief, even in the most difficult situations. His "get down to business" approach keeps clients confident that good work is getting done in his seminars and classes.

PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association is Bill's brainchild. The idea to create the organization was born out of four poignant experiences from Bill's life:

  • Bill enjoyed the benefits of his parents’ loving marriage and close family ties.
  • Bill and his daughter, Hunter Rose, went through an unwanted divorce in 2001. They have made a commitment to do whatever necessary to never go through that pain again.
  • Bill and his colleagues have learned that families of “divorce” present easily identifiable and well-defined patterns of communication that caused their relationship breakdown and that people must learn to change these patterns or they are at risk of producing more failed relationships.
  • Over the past 10 years, many more parents are bringing their children to his clinic for support in facing the challenges of family separation, divorce, and blending of families. Because most of these children do not have a diagnosable mental health disorder, they are not appropriate for psychotherapy. Thus, Bill committed to create valuable educational experiences for adults and children of divorce to minimize the negative impact and break the cycle of divorce in their families.

These four life events set the course for Bill to make an impact. The idea for the PEOPLE OF DIVORCE - The Association was born. His vision is to unite us in our desire to never again go through another divorce and, in our success, significantly reduce the divorce rate in America.