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What defines "PEOPLE OF DIVORCE?"

"PEOPLE OF DIVORCE" are defined as follows:
  • Adults and children who have experienced family separation, divorce, and blending of families.
  • Relatives (i.e. grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.) who have supported adults and children through family separation and divorce.
  • Professionals from the legal system, churches, school systems, community health, and the medical community who provide services to those experiencing family separation and divorce.
All adults 18 years of age or older in the above categories are eligible to join of PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association.

Is PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association only for people who have actually gone through a divorce?

No. Divorcees, children whose parents divorced, relatives of divorced families, married couples considering family separation or divorce and professionals who provide services to people who have separated or divorced are all welcome to become members of PEOPLE OF DIVORCE -The Association.

What does it cost to join PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association?

Membership into PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association is FREE. This includes access to the blog, forums, articles, polls, surveys, hyperlinks, and The POD social network.

Educational programs that will be added to the website will have associated fees.

What is “The POD?”

"The POD" is the nickname for the contained social network of The Association. We have chosen that term not only because it defines the people in the social network, but also because we are creating the social network as a safe place for us to come to share with and learn from one another.

Are services offered by PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association health care or counseling?

PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association does not offer evaluation or treatment of mental health disorders. The Association services are education, not healthcare.

Is PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association active on Facebook and Twitter?

Yes, PEOPLPE OF DIVORCE – The Association has an active Facebook page and will tweet to our members.

How can I help PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association grow and succeed?

The first way to help The Association is to become a member and make a personal commitment to our mission which is to secure the education and support we need to ensure that we will never go through divorce again and to help our children and grandchildren achieve that goal.

Next, ask all the people who support you as a POD (i.e. relatives, friends, your family lawyer, your pastor, your child’s teacher and school counselor to join The Association so they can learn what we are learning about the impact of divorce on adults and children and be better prepared to support us.

Most importantly keep visiting The Association website to learn and share what is working and not working for you and your family as you face the challenges of being a family of divorce. Tell us what services and educational opportunities The Association can add to best support you.

Remember, PEOPLE OF DIVORCE – The Association is a membership driven organization and will only be as valuable as we create it to serve us!